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Hello…I’m Bo Ghetto Kitty…..and I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember.

Writing is the one thing I do in the dark of night, the one thing I risk car accidents to dictate into my phone the words that strike me everywhere, all the time.

I was the kid scribbling in journals writing about the holes I could see in society before I had experienced many of them. I was leaving poems on my parent’s bed about why I should be allowed to watch M rated movies at 13. I have written countless love letters, odes to various things, lists upon lists of my obsessions and desires (at one point I was worried I didn’t have any obsessions), stories, prose, poetry, spells, manifestations, copywriting, articles, reviews, rants on social media, cathartic outpourings & declarations of love for many things and people.

I love reading aloud, have recently begun performing at spoken word nights, and want to read my words to everyone, everywhere, all the time.  I believe in honesty at all costs, and being brave enough to have the difficult conversations.

I have bridged gaps in understanding, connected with a wider range of people than I thought possible, and love it best when I make people laugh, cry or feel resonance with my words, preferably all in the same moment. I hope you find something here that you identify with, that touches some part of you or that inspires you to write your own words.

I have a very public life, a unique name, and a professional reputation I guard fiercely……but I will not censor myself here.

After all, haters gonna hate, creators gonna create.