For women everywhere…

For women everywhere.

Strong, yet vulnerable women.

Brave and fearless women, with the realities of the world to bear.

Women with secret plans and the knowing of centuries behind her.

Despite her smile, you do not know the trials she faces.

For the women who will not bend to society, yet do yoga in darkened rooms while the city sleeps.

For the ‘wild opinionated’ types, who won’t accept the demure stereotype, for those of you who propagate against all odds, who survive….who fight.

For the soccer moms living the great suburban dream, driving giant SUVs in tiny carparks, trying to break free….

For the women happy climbing trees, being anarchists in their kitchens, who turn heads with self confidence when they walk down the street.

For the mothers, especially single, doing the hardest job with no salary, who are disheveled, stressed out & with no space to breathe.

For the determined-to-be-fabulous-no-matter-what ladies wearing killer heels, she’s fashionable and beautiful and some say intimidating, but the bling is armour that hides how she feels.

For the women brave enough to stand up to each other, and those with the humility to hear it.

For the passionate, nurturing, loyal, adventurous, intelligent and imaginative, for the unapologetically wild and crazy and free.

For those travelling mermaids who perpetually run to the sea….

For the girls who climb corporate ladders, manage events and wield power tools, who occasionally feel like a seaworld dolphins, jumping through hoops for misogynist fools.

For women with determination fighting uphill for recognition, for every doubter let’s plant a seed of intent to believe in your own vision.

For any woman in any industry with more honesty, integrity and balls than those above her, for those who strive, and strive….and strive…even when it feels like the planets are crashing around her.

For all the women who have made hard choices alone, who have had to be either selfless or selfish to allow themselves growth.

For the legion of mamas who have given everything, birthed the world, who raise amazing compassionate beings for the earth.

For those judged for it, who choose not to be mothers, for ovaries everywhere that cry out for babies, and the women destined to love the children of others.

For outright acceptance among sisters, all of us.

For a blanket ban on competitive bitchiness, it’s a waste of energy fighting amongst us. Here’s to nurturing each other, because we must.

For those of us with scars from parents or childhood or sex, with nightmares in our waking life we try to suppress.

For any woman who has owned the words abuse…rape…incest

I want you to know right now, that it wasn’t your fault.

I wish I could give you a giant bunch of all the flowers in the world that explodes like fireworks, showering you in sparkles & sunshine, faces lit up from inside, and the sweet smell would linger eternally.

I’d tell you all that you’re beautiful in a way that would make you believe it.

I’d remind you of your complete uniqueness, your perfect imperfectness, that all the wobbly bits and hairs are meant to be there, that you are actually a divine creation…..a goddess of your own making.

I’ll you the best love story, it’s where you love yourself eternally…

For women everywhere, together.








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