The Era Of My Queendom.

Fuck being middle-aged
I’ve decided..
I have stepped into a new phase.
That of the queen.
No longer a maiden,
no children by choice,
and nobodies wife.

I’ve healed the wounds
of my tortured little girl.
Walked through the fire
of being reborn
with illumination and truth.
Ascended the stairs
of my own despair.
Dealt with my dungeon of
dragons and shame,
smoked them out
with relentless love.

I have upgraded
and reprogrammed
my magnum opus
a few times over.
Reinvention from sacrificial fire
has had to be a common practice.
I’ve rubbed a lot of coal into diamonds.
It’s time..
I am welcoming
The era of my queendom.

I’ve built my empire,
I’ve gathered my people.
Decided and integrated.
Fortified the perimeters
and rules of play.
And throughout the latest war,
this scourge upon the earth,
my realm didn’t just survive..
It thrived.
Despite groundhog day,
endless uncertainty and a government
who doesn’t represent us.

I felt called.
To lead and fight and push for
a unified community,
a better tomorrow.
To use my voice.
Trying to give hope and clarity,
when there was little on the burnt earth
rampant with misinformation and division.

From the same damn neighbourhood.
3073. Reservoir Victoria.
My personal ground zero.
My walled castle compound.
With diplomacy and
mostly, well placed outrage.
With technology and tools,
and compassionate grace.

The battle isn’t over.
But I’ll continue to fight for us.