Things I have done…

Life is precious, and it may end at any moment, so here I keep a brief record of the things I have done in case it ends tomorrow, then I will know the length and breadth of my experiences…

I was the only white kid in my kindergarten & had no concept of racism till I got to Australia.

I started my own underground techno club in 1999 where the policy was records only and entry was free.

I danced on a mountain when it was the millennium and hoped for global change.

I have stood at protests for things I believe in and locked arms with strangers as riot cops move in with batons.

I have volunteered for NGOs and run benefit gigs for people who need my help.

I have driven across the Nullarbor and felt the size and breadth of this land.

I have explored tunnels, drains and rooftops in secret places.

I have left bondage babies all over the world for others to find.

I have run two prominent nightclubs in Melbourne, and brought them much success.

I have moved across the country for love, and back when I saw it wasn’t right for me.

I drove back across the country with my dog being chased by storms and flooding.

I have run my own business successfully for many years.

I have trekked the Himalayas at 14 years of age and smoked hash with sadhus.

I have been to the rainforest in FNQ, where the forst meets the sea, and joined thousands of pilgrims for a total solar eclipse that blew my mind.

I have eaten mangoes off my lover in the bath.

I have left my family to move to a place that feels like home.

I have ridden horses in the bush and jumped logs with wild abandon.

I have gotten drunk and hitchhiked home in the cool dawn, singing at the top of my lungs.

I have done graffiti in Hong Kong and marvelled at what money can make happen in a city.

I have bought kimonos from the side of the road in Tokyo & drunk warm saki with my fill of top class sushi.

I have eaten the best food of my life in Taiwan, then gotten lost and found again with my internal homing device.

I have walked among the protesting students in Korea & had tiny old men try to pick me up.

I have been the only white person at a temple ceremony in Bali & fell in love with a fisherman, rode on the back of his motorbike with my face hurting from smiling.

I have wandered among the temples at Angkor in Cambodia and felt part of the world’s history.

I have shot guns in Arizona, had mushrooms in the mountains and had my breath taken away at the grand canyon.

I have been overseas for an internet lover, and cried the whole way home for impossible situations.

I have done nude modelling shoots and been in short films.

I have been a cunt model, yes a cunt model, and realised that vaginas are all beautiful, and I like mine.

I have dived under the ocean in many places and discovered the beauty hidden from us land dwellers, turtles illuminated by sunlight as twists of neon fish fly around gardens of coral, underwater fireworks that never end.

I have spent many days and nights smiling and training in Muay Thai boxing in Thailand.

I have flown through the forest canopy on ziplines and rappelled down trees over 500 years old.

I have ridden on a motorbike through the mountains of Laos, arms around a friend, singing at the top of my lungs in the rain.

I have worn diamantes in Borneo and been to the only gay club in a Muslim city.

I was born in San Francisco and have left a piece of my heart there eternally.

I have ridden bikes through Lombok and felt utterly free.

I jumped out of a plane at 12000 feet and fell to earth at 220kms per hour and loved every minute of it.

I have self published my own magazines and given 2,000 of them out to people for free.

I have worked on festivals, parties, tours, gigs, events, the zombie apocalypse and even tried a 9-5 office job for a short time. (not for me)

I have run my own successful, ethical art gallery for local and underground artists.

I have dreamt of being a mermaid, and become a freediver, and conquered my fear of the ocean.

I have worked as a teacher, as a waitress, as a stage manager, as an artist, as a production assistant, as a landscaper, as a manager, as a nightclub promoter, as a copywriter, as a curator, as an advertising executive.

I have fallen in love and out of love countless times.

I have been a step mother, a friend, a lover, a daughter, a confidant, and a loyal supporter of talented people, whether my friends or not.

I have done all of life’s missions with honesty and integrity and I choose to speak the truth at all times, even if my voice shakes.



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