You have permission.

Just a reminder both to myself and others, that I am not the person that I was 5 years ago.

Unpacking family trauma is a massive undertaking and most humans choose not to do it. I completely understand why. There is nothing as confronting as realising that you’ve been standing in your own way most of your life. There is a saying that people who go to therapy are there because of people who won’t go to therapy… that rings very true in my experience. 

However generations of ancestral trauma can end here. Ways of relating that you accept as an indelible part of your life can change. Absolutes reveal themselves as being fluid.

Some of the mistakes I’ve made, I had to make 10 times before I really got them. Some of them I’m still going to make more times as well. However I do believe that once you start self reflection, unlearning and healing the traumatic patterns that have led to the shit in your life… eventually you are going to get somewhere with that shit and be able to write new stories and live new paradigms. 

If there is anything that this year has shown us, it’s that there are lots of options for re invention and adaptation. Do you choose to live in fear or do you choose to live empowered with possibilities? This is a relevant question on both a global scale and in the thoughts we have everyday. 

Anyhow here is a reminder for everyone else who is doing the work, whether that means confronting their own beliefs in a new way, or letting go of things they thought about themselves that no longer serve them…. That it is fucking worth it. 

If you keep quietly tending the garden..

The fruits will come. The grass will grow. 

And you can choose to let go or start something new at any moment. 

You have permission. 💙


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